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Hello Darkness, my old friend

I had surgery in September 2009 and brought back an unexpected souvenir.

I’m not sure when I realized something had changed in my home. The master bedroom suite was on the first floor; it had 5 large floors to ceiling windows and a door to the outside patio/pool area. No matter how we tried, some light always seeped in from the landscape lighting.

Due to surgery, I was required to wear a large, cumbersome, sling. 24/7. I spent a lot of time trying to get comfortable and not a lot of time sleeping. It was on one of those seemingly endless nights that I realized the area by the external door was pitch black. Darker than dark. The first night I assumed the outside lighting went out and made a note to have my husband check it. The outside lighting was working fine.

As the nights went on, the darkness seemed to get darker and grow larger. It also felt different; ominous and oddly enough, intelligent. Thinking back, I’m not sure how to describe what I felt. My bedroom was no longer a place of peace. My refuge was now an area I dreaded entering. My pets were also reacting to the new energy. Their beds were under the windows and they made wide, obvious, arcs to avoid walking near the door.

I told a few friends, asking for advice on what they thought may be happening. One asked if I was still on pain pills. It was a perfectly valid question, but the answer was no. I didn’t like the way they made me feel, so I stopped taking them 3 days after surgery. There was nothing stronger than Tylenol in my system. I was able to nap somewhat comfortably on the couch, during the day. The nights had turned into a weird stare down with something I couldn’t see, so sleep deprivation wasn’t the issue. Neither of those possible culprits explained my pets’ reactions.

One wise friend recommended I contact a Healer I had met a few weeks prior to surgery, at a weekend intensive in Sedona, Arizona. Figuring I had nothing to lose, I reached out to her. While explaining what I had been experiencing I left out the fact I recently had surgery. I didn’t think it was important.

It turns out it was.

One of the first questions Healer asked was, “Have you been unconscious lately?” Thinking she meant a head injury was causing hallucinations, I replied with an emphatic and defensive, “No.” This was one of those times I was too literal for my own good. I then realized I HAD been unconscious. I was knocked out longer than expected for surgery. When I disclosed this to Healer her response rendered me speechless.

“While you were unconscious, your psychic defenses were down. Something was able to attach to you and you brought it back when you returned to this realm. It happens.”

Well, shit.

Followed by a verbal and slightly frightened “Can I get rid of it?”

Healer sounded confident that she could remove the darkness by performing a Home Clearing. I had never heard of Clearing of any kind. This is when my Clearing education unofficially began.

Healer explained she didn’t need to come to my location; the Clearing was handled remotely. She mentioned the Clearing would happen within a few weeks and she would email me when the Clearing was complete.

Those few weeks felt like years.

Healer, true to her word, emailed and said the Clearing had been completed. She added, if I still felt the darkness to let her know. She was confident it was gone, but if not, she had other tricks up her sleeve.

From the day I received that email my house felt peaceful. I never experienced that inky darker than dark thing. My pets stopping being skittish of that area and things went back to normal. The light seeped back in the room and I never complained about it again.

If I was reading this blog I’d think, “placebo effect.” I hired someone to handle an issue, she said it was handled, therefore I never experienced the issue again.

This is where things get interesting.

The day I received the email from Healer was the same day she Cleared the house. My husband came home from work that evening and asked me what I had done around the house that day. The answer was nothing; an immobile left arm and a recovery setback, had slowed me down. He insisted I must have done something. I asked why he kept repeating his question.

He replied “It feels so bright, light and clean in here. Something's different.”

It was then I confessed I hired Healer to assist with the darkness I had talked about incessantly for the last month or so. My husband is a wonderful man, with a lot of gifts, but being an intuitive is not one of them. He slept soundly while the pets and I faced off with the darkness. He never felt a difference, until it was gone.

Over a decade later, Healer has become a friend and Mentor. Eventually, I left Corporate America and became a Master Professional Clearer®. I assist others as she once assisted me.

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 About Me

I've been interested in the unseen world for as long as I can remember. It wasn't until adulthood that I realized I am Intuitive. I'm an empath and all the 'clairs' - clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairtangent and mainly, clairsentient. I don't know how I know what I know, but I know it. 

 My career background was primarily in Corporate Finance and while I did well and excelled in various positions, something was missing, I wasn't feeling fulfilled and wasn't being of service to anyone but Fortune 500 companies. In my spare time, I participated in paranormal investigations and visited many allegedly haunted locations. I had fun, met many amazing (living) people but again, wasn't feeling fulfilled.


In 2019 I was a student of Althea Gray's inaugural Professional Clearers® course. I learned a methodology that Clears the unseen world, the space surrounding us all. It affects everyone and everything. I saw, firsthand, the positive changes Clearing made to the people I worked with. More importantly, the class gave me the courage to embrace my gifts rather than hide them.

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